Hi!!! My name is Silver and welcome to my website! ^w^ Here I will be sharing my thoughts and news about my interests n stuff~~ Enjoy the site!!!
Basic info~~
Gender: Bigender B)
Pronouns: he/she/they (on/ona in pl ^w^)
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Heyyy uhh... I've been inactive for a little while ahaha.... anyway im changing this site upp v soon soooo everything u see here will be gone in a lil while lol. I'm basically building a new site up from scratch again.I'll be changing the whole aesthetic n everything. anywayyy hava nice day -w-
EEPPPPP I FINISHED THE MUSIC TAB. Damn. Tbh its only a fraction of what I wanted it to really be but fuck it. I just want to get this over with, i cant keep procastinating doing this anymore...... anyway i he yall like my two (2) playlists. God bless!
Heyyyy as u might have noticed i messed around with the css today >:D made the site much brighter, rainbower and funner X3. v glad of the results. Also behind the scenes I'm still struggling with the music tab. I fucking hate float left so much its unreal. im also working on a tartaglia shrine but thats going to taka while too.Also does neocities not have a way to delete files at once or am i just stupid? -_- Uhm anyway i hope yall like the change as much as i do ;3
Hii everyone~~ i'm feeling ranty today -w- i usually post a little commentary to the site updates, but i just wanted to talk abt some random stuff here today. well the first thing i wanted to talk abt is how frustrating yt embedding is :/ half of the stuff i wanna embed doesnt work for some reason... i wanted to have a collection of my fave music videos n stuff right here on the website but it seems like i'll have to either just put in links or just drop the idea altogether. i'll try n figure something out with embeding audio from other sites like spotify or bandcamp, but again not all the music i listen to is availible there :/. if i wont be too lazy ill try linking all the sites i can, but tbh i really reallyyyy dont wanna look around that much -_- oh well. also i saw today a site with a 'monthly song' or sumn like that n i thought it would b quite the cool idea to have smth like this here.... we'll see next month ig ;p well music aside im also procastinating writing abt the new azur augment modules bc..... im not that interested in them... they dont change that much anyway lol. also i started a minecraft survival world for the first time like..... ever XD i always just play creative n shit. im having sooo much fun!!!!!! i'm playing it like a life sim more than a survival game but i cant help that i just fucking love farming sooo much its the BEST X3 mayhaps i'll set up a minecraft page here? would be quite fun! also methinks ill also write a shorter rant on the genshin site abt tortelini n stuff.... hold up... okeyyy i wrote it X3. anyway back to here... i should prob add more stamps soon i saw some very very cool ones n stuff. And maybe make use of this sidebar i got here on the left, i added it bc it just felt weird not having one soo its just kinda there??? idk maybe ill find some use for it eventually.
Okieee I tried to add a little extra to the site bc methinks its kinda bland soo i tried fixing it. Its still a lil boring but i'm happier with it now ^~^ oh also i didnt post for a while again hi
Waahh sorry for not posting for a while!!!! :((( I was rlly busy this week and didn't have that much time or energy to work on the site... but now I'm back and have added an entry to the Genshin section!!! I hope u like it :3
Added stamps!!! Yayyy!!!!! Tbh I really struggled with this but I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out... anyway a tiny tip for begginers: don't try and make automatic height for divs. Worst mistake of my life.
I... uhh... might have or might have not rushed the site because i wanted to talked about the new HMS event, so it might look slightly... well, extremely unpolished. Of course later i'll improve the site... eventually, but for now let's just settle for that. I hope I won't regret that decision!


- Added new entry to Azur Lane "Angel of the Iris"
- Added song of the month (Party Animals - Aquarius)
- Added the shrines tab
- Added Tartaglia shrine
- Changed the site look to be more rainbow :3
- Added entry "Augment modules" to Azur Lane
- Added the 'Song of the month' thingy to the sidebar
- Added 26 more stamps
- Changed how the files are stored
- Some minor changes I dont really remeber maybe? idk
- Added cards to the main page, Azur Lane and Genshin sections
- Added glitter text titles to the main page, Azur Lane and Genshin sections
- Replaced the title with a glitter text one.
- Added entry to Genshin
- Added new entry 'Patch 2.7' to Genshin
- Added 28 more stamps
- Stamps now flow from the newest to the oldest
- Added and adjusted borders again
- Added the Genshin section
- Changed the name of the AL site from "Azur Lane stuff" to "Azur Lane"
- Added new blog entry "Pledge of the radiant court" to Azur Lane
- Added 34 stamps
- Added stamp sidebar
- Added 'Stamps n stuff' page
- Added and adjusted borders
- Published the site! And added the UR HMS event blog entry.